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“As sick kids, my brother and I received great care from our chiropractor to return to health. It planted in my mind my future career path.”

Chiropractor Huntley IL William AweI spent more of my Saturday mornings as a kid in the Pediatrician’s office than I did playing outside. I was a sick kid and my little brother wasn’t much better. We had allergies and chronic bronchitis due to being formula fed as infants and exposed to second-hand smoke. My mom and dad did what they thought was the right thing to do at the time and took us to the medical doctor for every sniffle and gave us every pill and potion they prescribed. But I feel all that exposure in the doctors office put a desire in my heart to care for others, too! (My brother also became a Chiropractor!)

My family members have always gone to chiropractors and have gotten great results. When we were kids, my brother fell out of a very tall tree and was injured. Despite all medical care it looked like he was going to be permanently damaged. However, after seeing our local chiropractor – he returned to health … like it had never happened. Years later when I was injured in sports, I received great care from our chiropractor and it planted in my mind my future career path.

A Chiropractic Education

Upon graduating from Woodstock High School, I was accepted at the University of Illinois, Champaign. I completed my pre-medical education there and then transferred to the famous Palmer College of Chiropractic – Davenport. What an awesome experience ! From a Big Ten powerhouse to the Fountainhead of the entire profession. I loved my college experience and the many friends I made there. Having some of my best friends and brother in chiropractic helps keep me on the cutting edge and taking the best care of my patients.

My Philosophy

Chiropractic Huntley IL Chiro-SuperpowerI believe that God has a plan and purpose for all of us and he uniquely prepares us to serve each other in our special way. Some He gives the skills of compassion and patience and they make great mothers, teachers, and nurses. Others, He gives strength and courage and they protect us like the police and firefighters or the military. I believe God was leading me through all the people in my life, the experiences, and the education to gain the skills that I would need to provide for people a different kind of healing.

How Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic works with the body’s inborn healing abilities to enhance and make an efficient response. Medicine brings a chemical from the outside that is meant to alter body functions. Before there were any doctors in this world people were regaining or staying healthy by the efforts of their own immune and nervous systems. Today we live a high demand and fast-paced life. Our food and water supply has changed. We don’t move our bodies as much as people used to – and we consume far more calories and chemicals than humans ever have. Chiropractic care is more important than ever for everyone to help keep our nervous system free of interference and coordinate all the body functions to allow for optimal healthy performance of every organ system.

On a Personal Note

From my childhood experiences, I wanted a better and healthier start for my own children. My four kids were delivered by a midwife and the last three at home. (I actually delivered our youngest daughter – but that story is for later!!) I am very comfortable with taking care of kids and I love my job as Dad! But I was also blessed to be elected to the Huntley Park District Board of Commissioners. This honor has allowed me to be involved in the building of playgrounds, parks, an aquatic center, the golf clubhouse, and a sports park. Helping to create fitness and recreation opportunities for our community has been a passion for me.

But of course my greatest passion is providing natural chiropractic health care. I try to get adjusted myself two times a month … not for any pains … but to help reduce the nerve stress and allow a balanced system. I am now free from those conditions that I suffered with as a kid thanks to great chiropractic care.

I adjusted all of my children on the days they were born and have kept them well adjusted ever since. My four children have never had any childhood diseases like mumps, measles, chicken pox, or rubella. They have never even had ear infections or sinus infections! They have not had shots or drugs in their system and they rarely miss any school. I also adjust my parents who are over 75 years old and they are not on any medications, I adjust my staff and even my oldest friends to help them keep stress reduced and moving freely.

I share my story with you to help you better understand why I am so passionate about providing safe and natural chiropractic care for you and your family. Any doctor should be able to make you feel better for a time. I want to help you “fulfill your potential” in health and in your life!

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