Chiropractic Testimonials

“Dr. Bill’s treatment is great! I’m more mobile now than I was before my accident at work. Dr. Bill has helped my back and neck issues so I am able to do physical things I couldn’t do before. I’ve also learned proper movements to prevent injury while doing physical tasks. I have had lower back, neck and shoulder issues. Between the adjustments and muscle therapies, my recovery has improved and any minor setbacks get corrected right away.”

- Carolyn S.

“I am 83 and have been coming to see Dr. Bill for nearly 20 years. He is a good doctor.”

- Howard S.

“Dr. Awe is very patient and healed my neck and sciatica pain. He has helped my suffering back and neck.”

- Al and Linda P.

“Dr. Bill has helped my back for 18 years. I see him when my back starts feeling pain. He always makes me feel better.”

- H.C.

“After almost a year of back pain and muscle tightness in my lower back, Dr. Awe gave me a thorough exam with xrays to show and explain what my problem was caused from. Then, after some adjustments and muscle therapy, I was feeling great again. No more back pain or tightness. Dr. Bill’s treatment has cured me! I can’t believe how much better I feel after a few adjustments and massages. Dr. Bill has helped my back pain, muscle tightness, and helped my posture feel “straight” again.”

- Tiffany J.

“Dr. Awe really cares about me as an individual and spends time to talk to me about my problems with my back instead of rushing me out of the office and hurrying on to the next patient. He has helped me from going 3 times a week to once a month. I am still able to bowl, play volleyball, and live a pain free life. Thanks for helping me feel great.”

- Melissa D.

“Dr. Bill has helped my posture. I am walking a lot straighter now. Also, I am felling less pain.”

- Diane K.

“Dr. Bill has adjusted my back to the point where it has corrected my back from leaning to the left. He has helped my posture, neck and back.”

- Tom C.

“Dr. Awe has helped with my dizzy spells more than any other doctor. One treatment helps me for several weeks. When I feel dizziness coming on, I return for another adjustment.”

- Wayne S.

“I have been going to Dr. Awe for over 10 years. He keeps me straight so I’ve able to maintain energy. He has helped my posture and to maintain a straight spine for me. As an elderly person, it is so important to watch my posture and to strengthen my back muscles.”

- Martha S.

“Dr. Bill’s treatment is wonderful. He is very professional and precise. He has helped my family with all of our back and muscle problems for many years. He has always resolved the issue with whatever aches and pains may be occurring. His office staff is excellent. The massage therapy is great!”

- Mark F.

“Chiropractic care is great for children. I have two sons that receive monthly care from Dr. Bill. My nine year old had been on antibiotics for ear infections several times during the year. Since Dr. Bill started adjusting him, chiropractic care took care of the infections and he no longer suffers from ear problems.”

- Kim E.

“Dr. Bill treated my whole family improving our general health with adjustments, massage therapy, nutrition, and exercises’ not just decreasing aches but giving us general well being.”

- Lennie C.

“Dr. Bill has addressed my pain with sensitivity and good judgment as to what is a reasonable course to take in my recovery. I have had back issues and fibromyalgia and often Dr. Bill’s adjustment and massage therapy complete the total Dr.’s session. I leave feeling relieved. I also have a better understanding of my main issues and the treatment steps to achieving strength in the course of time = “like peeling an onion”.”

- Katie C.

“I have always been very satisfied with the care given to me by Dr. Bill. I live in Florida September – December, and return here again until Jan when I again return to Florida. In June I come back to Woodstock and get my treatment only from Dr. Bill.”

- Zelma F.

“Dr. Bill is caring, friendly, concerned, a very good healer. The staff makes you feel important and they truly care how you are doing. The massage therapy is “spot on”! Dr. Bill has treated my back, neck, foot and my spirit.”

- Grace P.

“Dr. Awe and his staff have been wonderful. Not only is Dr. Awe filled with great chiropractic knowledge but his staff is so kind and friendly making me always feel welcomed and at home. Dr. Bill’s treatment is top knotch and up to date on the latest treatments!”

- Karen F.

“On short notice I have called the office and ask to get an appointment for a friend or family member at least 3 different times and Dr. Bill and his staff have always gone out of their way to help the people get back to good Chiropractic health. And I’m sure there were times when they probably had to adjust schedules. Thank you Dr. Bill, Kathy and all the staff, past and present.”

- Ted I.

“My 6 year old son had excruciating pain in his leg. The pain was so severe that it hurt to be moved. Upon examining him, Dr. Bill determined his hips were out of alignment. In just one adjustment, my son felt better and after his second visit, he was completely pain free.”

- Gina B.

“I have had problems with weekly headaches, sinus problems and severe lower back pain. Dr. Bill’s treatment bi-weekly and occasionally massage therapy has helped my headaches, sinus, and lower back problems.”

- Kim D.

“Dr. Bill’s treatment is professional, caring, understanding, helpful and healing. He has helped my overall well-being by keeping my back in place and allowing me to do my job and enjoy life more.”

- Bill Z.

“Dr. Bill’s treatment is very professional and knowledgeable. The right treatment, right equipment coupled with massage therapy got me back to normal in a minimum amount of time.”

- Bill G.

“Dr. Bill’s treatment is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He has helped my mobility, flexibility, allowing me to progress in my journey to a healthier me.”

- Tony D.

“Dr. Bill’s treatments have helped my hips, which help alleviate my back pain.”

- Rose T.

“I have suffered with severe migraines for the past twenty years. Dr. Bill recommended having 2 times a week adjustments on my neck and upper back region. His plan has done wonders! I have not had a migraine, cold, allergies, or the flu since I started my treatments with him. The adjustments improved my immune system. I am no longer sick and have been migraine since my vertebrae’s are where they belong.”

- Kim E.

“My son Kevin was able to decrease the amount of medication for his asthma. Since correcting his spine in the thoracic area. He is able to use his lungs at full capacity. He has also been treated for scoliosis. His energy level as well as his immune system has improved.”

- Lennie C.

“Dr. Bill has helped by knee problems so that I can get around much better.”

- Ralph D.

“Customer friendly, great staff, easy to work with. Dr. Bill has helped my back problems and lowered my golf handicap. Dr. Bill’s treatment works!”

- Tony H.

“Dr. Bill has kept me from having surgery, which my doctor told me I needed. I have been pain free for over 12 years.”

- Jean D.

“Thanks for the great adjustment. Your work helps keeps Z’s Martial Arts running smooth!”

- Rob Z.

“Dr. Bill’s treatment is concise to the area of pain, yet achieved in a gentle way. He is able to help my back and legs to function much better with less pain. I have had lower back issues since the age of 39.”

- Tony P.

"Don was referred to our office by his son-in-law. He was experiencing frequent low back pains for weeks, as well as a long history of left arm tingling. He was also suffering from a chronic right shoulder injury, which had been unresponsive to medical care.

These conditions were limiting his ability to be active, enjoy sports and also affecting his quality of life and work.

Progressively, all of these problems have improved and been resolved. Dr. Awe and staff provided chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy to correct the underlying problems. They then progressed to using exercises to re-educate the healing tissue. This will help create a more permanent solution."

- Don A.

“I have had problems with physical exertion and some pain in joints and muscles from working in construction for over 30 years have caused me to seek relief and strengthen my body through Massage Therapy. It has definitely helped me and also gives me time to clear my head mentally. I highly recommend it. They are great!”

- Bill C.

“He keeps me straightened out and that keeps me healthy. Dr. Bill’s great!”

- John D.

"Am so grateful for the fine care I have received as a patient of Dr. Bill. I have referred many friends to see him, and they have reported how much he has helped them also."

- Annette T.

“The staff and Dr. Bill are very friendly and professional. They explain any and all questions, pertaining to all subject matters. They make you feel comfortable. Dr. Bill’s treatment is very comforting as he performs various health issues. The massages are great. Dr. Bill has enhanced by body structure to the max. He has worked on me making me feel 100% better as I frequent my appointments. I never missed one yet. He’s great. Sometimes I don’t want to leave! I work outdoors a lot (road construction). I’ve had back/shoulder/neck problems. He has brought so much comfort to all those areas that I have no aches or pains to complain about. He’s a miracle worker!”

- Chester M.

“Highly recommend Dr. Awe. Staff is also very friendly. Always get an appointment in a timely matter. Dr. Bill’s treatment works wonders. I threw my back out and after being treated by him I had immediate relief. His treatment has helped my back, foot, leg, and relieved numbness in my foot and leg.”

- Casandra R.

"It was the weekend for Prairie Singers spring concert and I couldn’t stand yet alone walk. Dr. Bill loosened the tight lower back muscles with heat and therapy. I could perform and sing! Dr. Bill has helped my overall back issues – tight muscles and adjustments/alignment. Massage therapy supports the treatment.”

- Donna S.

“Dr. Bill has helped my quality of life.”

- Brian M.

“I have had problems with my shoulder and he has solved that problem. I feel like I am an athletic volleyball person. Dr. Bill’s treatment has helped my lower back. In 1999 I was scheduled to have surgery and he saved me from that happening.”

- Karen O.

“Dr. Bill has helped my sciatic nerve that has hurt me for a long time. I feel like a new person. I feel that his technique is great. After adjustments, he sends me to massage therapy. They both work great together.”

- Cheryl P.

“Dr. Bill has helped my sciatic nerve pain and generally keep me in alignment when needed. I always say “The staff at Dr. Awes take good care of me so I can keep taking care of everyone in my life – and stay healthy!"

- Deb A.

“Dr. Bill has helped adjust my scoliosis. I have struggled with backaches for years but they are finally under control.”

- Jennifer G.

“I have been with Dr. Bill for over 15 years. He is very knowledgeable and responsive. He has helped me with my scoliosis and improved my mobility and eased my pain that I’ve had since childhood.”

- Sandra B.

“Dr. Bill has helped my shoulder and neck pain. Every so often I need an adjustment and he always puts me back on track.”

- Janet G.

“I have had problems with my hips and lower back. After an adjustment I feel more balanced and sleep better at night.”

- Kelsie C.

“Thanks for seeing me on such notice!”

- Pat R. 

“Dr. Bill’s treatment helped my back when I was injured playing football. He has helped my lower back problems and meeting with me week after week to fix it in any way.”

- Daulton K.

“Dr. Bill’s has helped my back a ton. After I get treatment my back has no more pain. I love when I have appointments because I always look forward to the relief from pain, and the the good feeling after the treatment.”

- Nicki M. 

“I’ve had back problems for years. Everyone here is so friendly and genuinely wants to help me get better. They always find the time to fit me in for an appointment. Dr. Bills is amazingly helpful. I will never go anywhere else. I have herniated disks and he has helped me be able to “comfortable” ride my horse again. Chiropractic care has helped the random muscle cramps in my back as well.”

- Meghan E. 

“Bill’s treatment is accurate and effective. He has helped me finally feel better. I have suffered for years and have tried many different chiropractors and types of treatment. I am very grateful.”

- Keva J.

“The entire staff is friendly, helpful and a great place to receive service from. My back is out of alignment and one leg is longer than the other. Every month I can feel my entire body slowly go out of alignment and feel soreness all over. Dr. Awe diagnosed this over 12 years ago and I have been on a monthly maintenance regime ever since. Back pain is so disabling and I feel such a huge sense of healing after my adjustments. I have no idea why anyone would want to live with pain when relief is possible. I look forward to my visit every month!”

- Vicki K.



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